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A little about me

I enjoy designing and optimizing websites and apps. I equip them with highly usable interfaces, eye catching graphics, logically grouped data and content, in short - the whole package top-to-bottom. I bring to bear my deep and wide knowledge in the design disciples, drawing from UX design, information architecture, interaction design and graphic design. I am well versed in the tools of the trade. The Adobe suite of design products like Photoshop (Certified Expert), Illustrator (expert), Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc. are all used. I also leverage all the relevant technologies like CSS3 and HTML5, jQuery/Javascript as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, and front end frameworks like Bootstrap. I flourish as a teammate in a fast-paced agile production environment.

I do this for clients

UX/UI Design

I will optimize the total experience of the user as they move through the website or app.

Web Design

I will optimize the use and display of site or app across multiple browsers and screen sizes.

Graphic Design

The site will look good! People will go "ahhhhh" and say "Nice!" and talk about it with their friends.

UX/UI Design

UX design, described in Alan Cooper's book "About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design" as the intersection of a number of design disciples such as Graphic Designers, Information Architects, and Interaction Designers. I was introduced to these disciplines in college, through lectures and books with authors such as Donald Norman, Edward Tufte, Brenda Laurel, etc. This got me interested in the Design of Interactive Media, and led me into Web Design, Flash Application Design, and Graphic Design. I've continued my knowledge acquisition while in a professional role as a UX Designer, using focus groups with our users, creating Axure prototypes and mockups, and doing User Acceptance Training (UAT). I also continue to increase my knowledge by reading and attending several public events about UX Design in the Austin area each year.

Web Design

I have been designing websites for years. Currently designing sites using responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3 that make the viewing experience optimal across screens of varying sizes. I use best practices in information architecture while determining what data is on each page and that the data on the page is logically grouped and interrelated, as well as how pages relate to each other. I also use elements of interaction design when defining menu and navigational structures, as well as deciding whether to use one affordance or another - say a set of radio buttons verses a drop down list. Finally, I make sure the the site is optimized for search engines, as well as using Google Analytics to track customer experience.

Graphic Design

In my visual design I make sure to employ color theory to convey a pleasing look and feel for the front end of the user interface of the product while making sure the branding is clear, consistent, and eye-catching. When I am creating icons, I try to apply a user-centered, cognitive design approach and incorporate natural mappings to accepted symbols and iconography. I compose the placement and arrangement of visual elements with attention to such details as depth shape and negative space.

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